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Pre-Adoption Counseling

Thinking of getting a new puppy or dog? Concerned that the dog you bring home may not be the perfect match for you and your family? In this pre-adoption consultation I will answer your questions regarding:

  • Which breeds or mixes may be most compatible with your lifestyle and experience.
  • Where to find your new best friend and what to expect from shelters, rescues or with breeders.
  • What to look for in a responsible breeder to maximize your chances for a healthy, confident adult dog.
  • Personality traits to look for in your potential new family member and what behaviors may indicate more serious behavior issues
  • Bringing your new dog home and how to make the transitional period less stressful
  • Integrating your new dog into your existing family of humans and other pets
  • How to get started with training
  • Preventing behavior issues from arising and what to do if your new dog displays or develops a concerning behavior

90 minute pre-adoption consultation $150.00


Following a pre-adoption consultation, if you are interested in a particular puppy or dog, I will accompany you to a local animal shelter, rescue or breeder and assess the dog’s behavior to help to determine if the dog would likely be a safe, friendly, compatitible companion for you and your family. One hour assessment consultation $100.00

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