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Positive Reinforcement Reviews

Nothing makes me happier than hearing that I’ve made a difference. We humans need positive reinforcement too! Here’s what clients are saying...

It was money well spent

One of the most important decisions I made for Max, my Pug, and myself was to contact Pawsitive Fit and schedule a consultation with you. After the consultation, I was convinced that the puppy good manners training was exactly what Max and I needed. It was money well spent. You were conscientious and patient in helping me to understand and implement the positive training methods. I was in awe of how easy it was for you to connect with Max and your training skills. Max has become a very well-mannered little guy and my relationship with him has become more positive due to the training. I highly recommend Pawsitive Fit to anyone who needs help in training their puppy or adult dog.

Dawn Ashworth
Oxford, MD

Working with Susan has been a wonderful experience

Before working with Susan, walking Nina was a painful and stressful experience with her pulling constantly and lunging uncontrollably at passing dogs. Our walks ended with me being irritated and with an aching shoulder and back. Now, walking Nina is a real pleasure...she is relaxed and happy and so am I! Working with Susan Sarubin from Pawsitive Fit has been a wonderful experience. Susan is warm, creative, clear in her explanations and positive with dogs (and their owners)!

Brenda Rapp
Baltimore, MD

We owe her a lot and will always thank her for helping us

When our Newfoundland Clancy was 8 weeks old, we began a search for a trainer. Having recently moved to the area, we relied on a recommendation for a local trainer. Unfortunately we did not check her credentials…the methods she taught us were not positive, and she strong-armed Clancy into submitting with her forceful training. He eventually got large enough to fight back, and then we knew we had a big problem. On our veterinarian’s recommendation, we contacted Susan. She worked with us for about four months retraining Clancy, and rebuilding his trust in people. She traveled over an hour each way to work with us, but through her dedication, put us on the right path to owning a perfectly delightful 175 lb. gentle giant. Do unto others, in this case animals, would be aptly applied to Susan's training methods. We owe her a lot and will always thank her for helping us to find the real Clancy.

Nanny and Judge Porter
Worton, MD

I highly recommend Susan as a trainer

Susan Sarubin of Pawsitive Fit was recommended to us by a local veterinarian. We contacted her after we adopted our sweet Pit Bull, Marty, who suffered from separation anxiety and also needed to learn some "basic manners" as a big exuberant boy who didn't know his own strength. Susan met and evaluated Marty and then worked with us on his particular needs as well as the basics of how to be a well-behaved canine citizen. Susan was patient with Marty (and most helpful of all, with me!) and was happy to proceed at the pace we needed to absorb the techniques we needed to learn. Working one-on-one with her rather than being in a "one size fits all" class was exactly what we needed, and we so appreciated her very positive methods which are based not on dominance, but in helping dogs learn a new way of behaving in a way that is interesting and rewarding for them.
I highly recommend Susan as a trainer.

Bonnie Hurwitz
Baltimore, MD

Susan gave us hope and a compassionate, loving approach

When we adopted Schroeder, our 2 1/2 year old Bassett Hound, from an out-of-state Bassett Hound rescue organization, we were totally unprepared for, and dismayed by, his extreme fear of us and of his new home. We were referred to Susan Sarubin by our Vet during our initial wellness visit. Susan provided us with an honest and comprehensive assessment of Schroeder’s mental and emotional state. She sets attainable and realistic goals and introduced us to engagement and training techniques that are simple, incremental, and effective. After several months of Susan’s coaching and training, we are able to engage with Schroeder in ways that we had given up hoping for, such as taking him outside for walks, watching him walk around the house with ease in the presence of strangers, initiating contact with us when he wants to go outside or want treats. Most of all Susan gave us hope and a compassionate and loving approach to living with and training a highly fearful and anti-social dog.

Dona Sorce
Denton, MD


Thanks to Susan, dogs and humans in our household are getting along quite well

After taking our six-month-old puppy Inky to “puppy kindergarten” where force and corrections were used to teach the puppies good manners, I decided I would like to try a more positive approach to training. I read a book by Karen Pryor about clicker training and thought I would like to find someone who could help me with this. Another puppy owner referred me to Susan. With the positive training approach Susan taught us how to help Inky learn good manners and even some tricks.

We also have a thirteen-year-old dog (Bug-Z) who was not appreciative of the new puppy. We discussed his aggressive behavior towards Inky. Susan suggested that he be evaluated by the vet for problems of an aging dog and possible thyroid dysfunction. Bug-Z has been treated for hypothyroidism and appears much happier and healthier. Susan helped us determine and deal with the triggers for Bug-Z’s aggressive behavior. Thanks to Susan, dogs and humans in our household are now getting along quite well.

Brenda Stone and Dan Watson
Easton, MD


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