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Behavior Consultation

Behavior Consultations provide dog owners with assistance for solving behavior problems. You will be asked to complete and submit an in-depth behavioral history questionnaire prior to your appointment. During the consultation your dog’s behavior will be evaluated and a training strategy recommended. In-home consultations and subsequent training sessions address all types of issues, including, but not limited to:

• Fear of new places and things
• Storm anxiety
• Separation distress
• Fearful or aggressive behavior toward other dogs (leash reactivity, intra-dog aggression)
• Fearful or aggressive behavior toward people (strangers, family members, children)
• Food, object or location guarding
• Car anxiety
• Common behavior problems such as leash pulling, chewing, digging, barking, nipping and house training

2 hour consultation $190.00 (includes subsequent written report)
Additional training sessions (as needed) $85.00 (1 hour)
Multi-session consult packages are available


The key question is not, "How do I stop this problem behavior?"
Rather, the question is, "What do I want the animal to do instead?" ...then teach it!

Dr. Susan Friedman

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